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Updated: Mar 7

The Experimentanium ( «Экспериментаниум») is one of the best activities in Moscow with kids! This is a fun Museum of Science and is located in the west of Moscow near metro Sokol. From age 2 and up, this interactive museum teaches about science through games and activities in a very fun way. Visitors can and are encouraged to do experiments with laws of mechanics, electricity, acoustics and optics. They can make bubbles, play the drums, paint with a laser, replicate the solar system, play with boats, replicate a tsunami, experience to be a truck driver and about 300 other fun things to do! It's without a doubt the most popular indoor activity for our kids! They also offer organized birthday parties with a museum guide.

As with any activity in Moscow, we advice to go early before it gets too crowded.

Open: weekdays 9.30-19.00, weekend & holidays: 10.00-20.00

Location: Leningradsky prospekt 80/11

Metro: Sokol


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Photo credits: Experimentanium Facebook page

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