Flacon & Hlebozavod - cool urban centers

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Flacon and Hlebozavod are two former Soviet factories nicely renovated and converted to modern urban centers for design, shopping, exhibitions and events. Situated side by side from each other and not far from the city center, Flacon and Hlebozavod make a perfect destination for a family- or friends time out. We really enjoyed strolling around in a cool environment, shopping clothes and accessories in non-chain stores, buying Asian ingredients for cooking, people watching, stopping for coffee and a snack in cool tiny places and taking pictures against artistic backgrounds. An automatic storage where we could leave our sneakers for cleaning was another exciting addition to our exploration tour. We are ready to share our favourites with you but only if you promise to share yours, as we have just started exploring this urban neighbourhood.


Cool clothes shop which sells brands like North Face, Fred Perry and Moscow based jeans brand Plan B. Plan B promises a life time warranty, which includes free repairs and adjustments.

Location: Hlebozavod 9



This shop carries the very trendy Scandinavian clothing brand Rains, designed for bad weather. Besides, we were impressed by the wide color selection of popular Swedish Fjällräven bags which was actually bigger than in Stockholm.

Location: Flacon



An old-fashioned and trendy barbershop offering a hair cut for only 990 rub. Sorry, we we could not personally verify the quality. But the place is quite big so we hope you will not have to wait in line.

Location: Hlebozavod 9



A co-working cafe where designers, editors and people of other creative professions can work on their projects and discuss them with like-minded people. We definitely recommend it for freelancers looking for new contacts. Every Wednesday at 7 p.m. they hold discussions on different topics.

Location: Flacon


Kawaii factory

Kawaii means cute in Japanese. Kawaii factory at Flacon is their Flagship store which sells miscellaneous cute presents.

It is a heaven for girls and the prices are very reasonable. So, this is a perfect stop to fill up your stock of girls parties birthday presents.

Location: Flacon



This bicycle shop specializes in modern and classic city bikes, folding bikes and all kinds of bicycle accessories. In addition, there is a full service repair shop. They have delivery and online internet store.

Location: Flacon


Asia supermarket

This is a great store if you crave for Asian food in Moscow. They carry more than 2000 items from Japan, Thailand, China and Vietnam. The store has a nice section with fresh exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs. We had a lunch at the supermarket's cafe.

Location: Flacon


Must have

Trendy designs and colors at this shop which sells clothes and accessories. All clothes are designed in Russia. Prices are quite affordable too. We like to buy our outfits outside chain-stores because it reduces the risk to meet someone on the street in the same dress.

Location: Hlebozavod 9



This funky shop sells street clothes, accessories and bags. They had a nice selection of cool t-shirts, sweaters and even socks with funny texts in Russian. A nice place to buy a present to a friend or a treat for yourself which can make a nice memory of your time in Moscow.

Location: Hlebozavod 9


Coffee Floo

We have not had a chance to try their coffees, but the line was more then promising. Please try it for us and let us know. We liked the bright setting, great selection of coffees, breakfast and dessert menus and prices which were half compared to other coffee shops in the city.

Location: Hlebozavod