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Fresh Flower delivery - every Friday

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Being Dutch &Russian we love flowers! Therefore it was quite disappointing to see that flowers in Moscow are very expensive and the quality&style you get at the shops is not to our standards. Therefore we often went to the flower market outside the city center, where we could buy fresh flowers in large quantities. We created our own bouquets in a more European style and sold them in our neighborhood.

But we wanted to share this service with everyone and therefore we setup our own flower delivery concept and after testing the styles&quality we're now ready to launch our Fresh Flower delivery on Friday! Every Friday we offer a different bouquet for 2000RB in a similar style as shown in the pictures. Colors fit the season and it's a modern, light bouquet. If you like our style just try it out and light up your house or surprise your friends with beautiful flowers!

It's super easy! Order your flowers before Thursday 15.00 to get them the next Friday.

Check out the details and order your flowers on:


Photo credits: self made

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