From Darkness to Light. Atheism and Religion in Russia

Foreign tourists often ask me: "How has Russia become such a religious country after almost a century of communism?"

Tomorrow, on the 7th of May I invite you to join to the walk about the relationships of Russians and their religion in the 20th century - for free. There will be a videographer taking a footage of our tour for the guides contest. Maybe I will have to repeat some scenes a couple of times for the video, but generally the tour will run as usual.

During the walk you can:

see the house of the most implacable atheism promoter who made Christmas tree literally illegal;

learn how it was to live in the monastery abandoned by the monks;

take a short course of "scientific atheism" in a university;

be surprised how being a believer can become a form of a young generation protest.

Cost: free (only this time!)

To sign up and get the exact meeting point information sign up here:

Starting time is 11 am

Duration is about 2 hours

And you can still catch the last spot to the Borovsk daytrip!

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