Four Favorite Shops of Furniture and Home Decor of Catherine Bagnalasta

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Catherine Bagnalasta is a French interior designer who lived in Moscow. It was here she decided to change her career and become an interior designer.

In this post she is telling where she used to buy home decor and furniture in Moscow:

Linen Texture

This Russian brand offers beautiful bed linens and table clothes from natural linen. Their color choice is quite unique!

«I recommend bed linen from Linen Texture to all my clients and I use it myself because it brings a soothing atmosphere to the bedroom and the linen is very comfortable to sleep on - it is a thermoregulator and anti allergen».

Address: Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya street 15s1 (3rd floor)

Metro: Tsvetnoy Boulevard or Sukharevskaya

Dantone Home

Dantone Home offers high quality furniture and decoration items in different styles, mostly classical. Produced in Russia or China the products are quite affordable.

«I love the coffee table and the mirror by Dantone. They have very nice sofas, too, - good quality for the money!»

They have two shops in Moscow:


Tessinsky lane 2-6. Metro: Kitay-Gorod, Kurskaya

Tryohgorny Val 5, 1. Metro: Ulitsa 1905 Goda

La Redoute Interieurs

Well known in France, La Redoute has shops in Russia, too. You can choose furniture and decoration on their website, but it is also nice to visit their showroom in the center of Moscow - at Kuznetsky Most 19. There you can touch their armchairs, carpets, curtains and choose fabric for a sofa upholstery.

«La Redoute has a beautiful range of colors! I particularly like the small velvet armchairs - green, light pink or deep blue».

Address: Kuznetsky Most 19

Metro: Kuznetsky Most


Check Chronosfactor in Instagram to see what antic furniture, lamps, posters, etc from the Soviet times Kiril and his wife have gathered. They can restore them or transform to meet your taste.

"You have to dig into this large hangar but you will no doubt find nuggets for a unique interior steeped in history".

Their store is located in Elektrozavod area. Make an appointment via Instagram before visiting. They speak English.

Address: Malaya Semyonovskaya 5, 2

Metro: Elektrozavodskaya

To make shopping in Moscow easier for you, start a proper individual course of Russian today:

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