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Gorky Park - great makeover

Updated: Mar 7, 2021


The last 2 years Moscow's biggest city park has gone trough major developments! From a quite boring standard park to a creative place full of year round activities and packed with cute food options in the park and along the river. The major restaurants in the park are nice, but the quality is quite average. Instead, try the small popup food stalls (Paella, Vietnames Pho) along the river, near the covered bridge on the south end of the park

close to the water bike pond.

In summer kids can swim in the pond near the main entrance, go water biking, visit the entertainment park, rent bikes, play in the playgrounds or just hang out on their comfy fatboys. But there are also great summer sports facilities like soccer and basketball. If you have kids, don't forget to check out the amazing outdoor playground, near the main gate. Your kids will love the sand & water area and all the swings!

In winter Gorky turns it's main central paths into a beautiful ice rink with food stalls along the way where you can have a drink or snack on skates. It even has 2 restaurants on the rink where you can dine while wearing skates! For kids there's a separate rink where they can use extra assistance gear to learn ice skating. Great for a romantic night out or a weekend activity with kids.


Buy your tickets for the ice rink in advance online to avoid the cues and go early in the morning if you go with kids, to avoid the big weekend crowds.

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