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Gorynych - vibrant atmosphere

Updated: Jan 19, 2021


This new restaurant of the White Rabbit family recently opened in a stunning location with a view above "Central Market" (the new food market between Neglinnaya and Tsvetnoy Bulvar). As soon as you enter the place you are experiencing a cosmopolitan vibe, with the huge open kitchen, lounge music, the colorful seating, the high ceilings and windows around you.

Everything is just good about this concept. And not just its appearance and the friendly service, but also the food! Try the sea bass ceviche, tom yam, bean sprouts, avocado chimmichurri and tuna tartar for starters and the grilled fish or pizza as a main. And even if you're not a dessert lover, ordering their carrot cake is a must! And the best thing is that you don't have to go anywhere after dinner, because it's perfect to hangout for cocktails as the place remains vibrant after midnight!

Do reserve a table near the window as the atmosphere here is significantly nicer than in the back. And buy a nice bread to bring home!

Location: Trubnya / Tsvetnoy Bulvar

Photo credits: Posta magazine & Tripadvisor

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