Gulag Museum tour - January 23

Updated: Jan 19

January 23rd, Sunday, 12.00

Cost: 2000 RUB

This museum gives you a better understanding of the Gulag system and its impact on Russian culture today.

Gulag is an acronym for the main office of the network of camps on the territory of the USSR between 1929 and 1953. But in a broad sense the word is applied to the camps as well, probably because of the famous book - "Gulag Archipelago".

The museum was opened in 2001 by a camp survivor, and in 2014 it moved to a new spacious building and created a modern, clear and at the same time emotional exposition.

'The museum, in its subject, mission, history of origin is included in the category of museums of memory, at the heart of each of which lies a painful event, which is difficult to comprehend.'

Photo credits: Gulag museum

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