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Harvard University - Online Certificates

The Harvard Online Learning portal provides a gateway for the public to access Harvard’s extensive learning content. This site does not host any direct learning content, but rather pulls together and indexes courses and learning materials from professors, centers, schools, libraries, and initiatives across the Harvard campus. 

What we like:

* It's flexible, you can do it in your own time after a planned start date

* It's interactive, discussion forms

* Good mix of lectures, reading theory and assignments

* Individual feedback from a faculty member on each assignment

* You have deadlines for finishing assignments

* Practical

* 8 week programs

* Wide variety of certificates

* Highly ranked and well known institute: Harvard University

Possible downsides:

* High costs +/- $1500 per course

* Not a specific online platform, but open source

* Setup of courses can change per certificate

Check out all information on

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