Headspace - meditation app

Updated: Apr 6, 2018

Without getting too soft and spiritual, we can honestly recommend this app to build in some relaxation&reflection in the sometimes hectic life of a parent, hard worker, expat or expat partner. The nice thing about this particular app is that's it's very practical and efficient. You can select the time you want to spend (starting at 10 minute sessions) and after you completed the 10 session foundation course you can select any specific meditation category you'd like to focus on (relationships, patience, work etc.). Even if you don't use it on a daily basis, but a few times a week, it's worth it.

For us it really adds to our relaxation, reflection and focus in our day back to back filled with activities, work, kids and to do lists. You can always just try out a few sessions for free, and after that the costs are $7,99 a month. Tip: wait for their nice discounted offers before you signup, this can save you 40%! So if you like the idea of mindfulness, but want to apply it in a practical way, try it!


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