Hire a bartender - @ home

Updated: May 30, 2019

When you want to give your party an extra kick, hire a bartender to serve classy cocktails. We tried several in Moscow, but we're most impressed by the professional service that "Alexander bar" provides.

To discuss your wishes you can use whatsapp, email or phone and all communication can be done in English. They will respond quickly with a "menu" of options you can choose. You can even choose the type of bar and clothing style of the bartenders! We chose to do our own groceries to save some money, but you can outsource it all to them.

And beside friendly and professional barmen they offer a very reasonable price.

Try it out and impress your guests!


TIP! Order ice cubes and crushed ice delivered at home at "Ledocool" +7 (985)728 58 31

Photo credits: Alexander bar

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