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History of Russia Illustrated by Tretyakov Gallery pictures

March 25th (Thursday) at 7 pm

March 27th (Saturday) at 11 am.

Write to to sign up and get the meeting point information. Become an expert in the Russian history in an easy and entertaining way!

After this tour you will become familiar with all major turning points of the country's history, its most dramatic events and interesting characters.

For example: Ivan the Terrible will make you shudder under his piercing sight; Count Menshikov will share how he feels living a simple log house after being once the richest man in the country; Peter will showcase how to be a bad father; serf peasants will tell about their needs, beliefs and worries; young socialists will be persuading you in a need of revolution.

Participation: 2000 RUB per person

Sign up by writing a PM or email

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