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How to cope with cold? Two events this week

Lecture in NB Gallery. Soviet post-war art - 20/10, Wednesday, 7.30 pm

Wednesday is going to be the coldest day of this month, and sitting in a cozy art gallery listening about art over a cup of tea / champagne is the nicest way to spend this evening.

In Soviet Union art schools produced hundreds of professional artists every year. The luckiest became members of the Artists Union, exhibited their works at art shows and worked by commission of the state, others became books illustrators. However, the state did not have enough artistic jobs for all, while private art market did not exist at all. Lack of paid work often forced an artist to accept a position of a street cleaner or a security; and possibly these ones were the happiest - they could paint (their work left them a lot of spare time) following their creative impulse, free from customer’s taste dictatorship and thinking of “how to sell this“.

NB Gallery was the first who began to research the legacy of these little known artists and reveal it to the world. The lecture of the Gallery's curator will be illustrated with the works from the Gallery’s own collection.

Cost of participation: 2000 RUB

Cooking Russian dishes - 24/10, Sunday. 12 pm

Russian cuisine was created for cold weather - it warms up, reassures and comforts the eater.

At the cooking class you will learn more about local food and will cook two dishes:

1. A life-giving salty-sour soup solyanka. Not as banal as borsch and much more tasteful, but same traditional and beloved.

2. Proper bliny. It seems a simple dish, but how many secrets one should know to make them flexible, "lacy", "tanned", with the right balance of savory and sweet flavor.

The class is taking place in a modern, well-equipped culinary studio not far from Danilovsky Market.

Cost of participation: 5000 RUB

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