How to read a Moscow address?

Updated: May 11, 2021

We have already written about finding your way in the Moscow metro, ordering a taxi, choosing a bus route and using bike rental. Now it is time to come to understanding how to say and how to find an exact address in Moscow.

The simplest Moscow address is the street name and the building number - Tverskaya, 20. Buildings are always numbered from the center (№1 will be closer to the Kremlin than №11) or, in case the street runs parallel to the center, East to West. Odd numbers are on the one side of the street, even ones - on the opposite.

Along with улица / ул. for a street, there are:

проспект / пр. - an avenue / a highway переулок / пер. - a lane / a side-street, and (rarely) проезд / пр. - a passage.

If a building stands in the second row from the street, behind some other block, it gets an additional index - корпус (корп./к.) or строение (стр./с.)

For example, Prechistenka street, 13c2. You can find №13 facing the street, and 13c2 is a small building behind it. We pronounce this address as Пречистенка, 13, строение 2.

Корпус (корп./к.) is the same thing, but is used mostly in newer districts, outside the center, and only for residential or office blocks, while строение can mark any sort of a building - residential, industrial or technical.

For example, let's find 9к3 behind №9 here, on Shvernika street.

If the building stand on the corner of two streets, it usually holds two numbers written with a slash symbol between them. Like this house 9/2 with one of its sides facing Myasnitskaya street and another overlooking Milyutinsky Lane. Such address is pronounced девять дробь два. But saying just "Myasnitskaya 9" will be enough, actually. Just make sure it is №9 on Myasnitskaya, not on Milutynsky. It is easy to do it by checking the neighboring buildings numbers.

Sometimes the meeting point (to most of the group guided tours) is a specific exit from the metro station. For example, Mayakovskaya station, exit 4. Let's see how to recognize the right metro exit if you are coming to the place NOT by metro, but on foot or by taxi?

  1. Open Yandex.Maps

  2. Find the metro station you need

  3. Enlarge the area around it so that you start seeing the digits in black squares.

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