Museum Tour. Illustrated History of Russia

Updated: Jan 24

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Tretyakov Gallery is a good place for an engaging and entertaining lesson of the Russian history. After a bit more than an hour you will become familiar with all pivotal points of the country's history, its most dramatic events and the major characters.

The tour is built not like a classical museum tour – one room after another – but it follows the depicted events chronology. It helps to create a clear timeline of historical events in your mind.

During the tour:

Ivan the Terrible grieves near his mortally wounded son;

Count Menshikov feels blue sitting in a simple log house after enjoying a status of the richest man in the country;

Napoleon's soldiers pray for getting away from Russia;

Tzarevna Sofia shows how an angry face should look like;

young socialists persuade you in a need of revolution;

elderly aristocrats share their memories of the good old days.

Duration: 1h 15 min

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