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Ivan the Terrible and the first Romanovs

28th of November, 11.00

Cost: 2000 RUB

St Basil's Cathedral and the first printed book, executions on Red Square, first diplomatic contacts with Western Europe, and exploration of Siberia - all this belongs to the long ruling of Ivan IV, or the Terrible. Was it a relevant nickname, by the way? You can choose for yourself after learning more about the Russian 16th century at this tour - partly outdoors, partly in the History Museum.

The next century was not less troubled. A line of false sons of Ivan to the throne, Romanovs attempt to "poison" the tzar Boris Godunov, a riot over an introduction of copper money, and the greatest villain Stepan Razin who began being praised as a fighter for people freedom later.

We will explore several rooms of the History Museum and then will go outside and find where exactly in the nearby streets these events took place.

28th of November, 11.00

Get the meeting point and the payment information:

Cost: 2000 RUB

The attendants of this tour will get a promo code for a trip to Baikal lake in February!

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