Kustodia - Porcelain Copies of Moscow Landmarks

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

If you feel that a piece of your heart belongs to Moscow now and leaving is going to be heartbreaking, these skillfully made porcelain copies of historical Moscow buildings will help you keep memories.

Bolshoi Theater, Church of Ascention in Kolomenskoe, constructivist architecture masterpieces like Melnikov's House and the best examples of Art Nouveau like Gorky's House or Yaroslavsky Railway Station... and even a typical five-story block. Each figurine is made of fine porcelain and hand painted with as many details as possible. Looks like a more exclusive souvenir than another nesting doll, doesn't it? Keep in mind that some items are made by request and their execution may take a couple of weeks.

Check Kustodia studio's Instagram or come to their workshop on Nikolskaya street to see the entire range. The visit should be arranged beforehand - send a message in Instagram or write to WhatsApp +79166509450. To get to the workshop turn to the courtyard of the building 8 on Nikolskaya. In its middle you will see a white church. The workshop is in the cellar of the adjacent building.


WhatsApp +79166509450

Address: Nikolskaya street, 8/1, 3

Metro: Ploschad Revolutsii or Lubyanka

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