Labirint - cool place for laser games

Updated: Mar 5, 2019


We would definitely recommend this place for boys’ birthday parties. Boys will appreciate the realistic environment for laser games.

Additionally, there are several other options except laser games. They have paint ball, a shooting gallery and quests. It all depends on how much you are ready to spend. The minimum participants for laser games is 8 people, but Labirint is also capable to have big company events. There is even a possibility to have laser games in your chosen location, like in a nearby forest. But only during summer time. We have not tried to order this type of service yet from Labirint. But what we heard, it is important to agree on equipment set up time, not to ruin the actual party schedule.

Labirint's website is in Russian, but Labirint has event managers and laser games instructors who speak English. Labirint cooperates with kids friendly cafe Anderson to order catering from, but it is also allowed to bring your own food and cake or order deliveries from any other restaurant you like. They also offer a very convenient place for waiting parents. Labirint is situated in the former beer brewery Badaevskiy zavod, which nowadays houses several nice restaurants. We can recommend Sirovarnja, Nofar and Kitajskaya Zabegalovka (

Location: Kutuzovskiy prospekt 12/1

Metro: Kievskaya

Photo credits: Labirint facebook page and Tripadvisor