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LeForm - furniture, home accessories, clothes and cosmetics

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

This might become your favorite store in Moscow but don't forget to bring your wallet! Amazing furniture, Scandinavian clothing brands and great home accessories. You'll get inspired to give your house a trendy makeover by browsing around in this store!

They also sell the delicious & popular Israeli soap brand "Zielinsky&Rozen" and have some other special cosmetics for sale. They also have a limited collection of cool sunglasses, jewelry and shoes, of which our favorite is "la premiata", with their super comfortable & stylish sneakers.

Location: 3 locations

Dmitrovsky lane 7, metro Teatralnaya

Povarskaya 35, metro Barrikadnaya

Krasnoproletarskaya 30, metro Mendeleyevskaya

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