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Leveldva - best bar in Moscow!


Leveldva is by far our favorite bar in Moscow! It's located above restaurant Ugolek and with a bit of shame we have to admit that we only recently discovered that the name of this bar is not "Ugolek" but "Leveldva" (level 2).

The atmosphere in Leveldva is very unique and intimate as it has a very homey feeling due to the vintage furniture and small size of the venue. The music is always nice (soft house) and even though it's a perfect place for dancing later at night, you can also relax at the bar with a tasty cocktail. Try their "Moscow mule", we love it! The people are very diverse, from locals, to expats and from hipster people to more alternative style. What we like is that it's not posh at all and everyone can feel at ease here. The doormen can be a bit pretentious, but this can easily be avoided by starting early.

Whether you are with your partner, with friends or a big group, this bar has it all and you'll have a great time guaranteed. We always take our visitors here and it makes everyone impressed about Moscow's nightlife!

Leveldva is also a restaurant and supposedly serves good food, but we must admit we never tried this and only came here for after dinner drinks&dancing.


Location: Bolshaya Nikitskaya 12

Metro: Tealtranya

Photo credits: Facebook page & Tripadvisor

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