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LureMe - fish restaurant

Updated: Dec 4, 2019


LureMe occupies the entire, nicely renovated and stylish mansion just across our favorite restaurant Uilliams. LureMe was on our to-try list since it's opening in the spring of 2019. Finally we did it and we were positively surprised.

We ordered pasta vongole, warm eggplant salad, scallops with bok choy, truffle risotto and octopus for lunch. Flavors were just right and the presentation was very attractive. Whatever you order, you must not miss their bread basket, it is absolutely delicious. There are also a lot of tempting dishes like tartars, seafood and fish on the menu which we will definitely try at our next visits. The service was quite knowledgeable and not so stiff as we expected it to be. To be honest, it was almost empty during the lunch, which is a pity for such a nice food and setting. We have however noticed that it is more crowded during evenings, so we are looking forward to try LureMe some evening with a group of friends. The restaurant's second floor looked very stylish but still not too posh for our taste.


Location: Malaya Bronnaya 19

Metro: Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Mayakovskaya.

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Photo credits: Moscowliving

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