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Updated: Aug 17, 2018

The registration process of getting a metro card can be quite long, but once you have your card this will make your life in Moscow much easier. We go here once a month to stock up on wine, drinks, pasta, rice, olive oil, spices, snacks, diapers, toilettries and household products. Your first visit might be a bit overwhelming, but when you know where to find your favourites it is worth it to stock up on high quality products for a good price!

The main advantage is their drinks department, with the widest selection of water, soft-drinks, wine, spirits and campaign. Don't hesitate to ask for help to find your favourite brands and check the special discounts up to 50% on the shelve-ends and in your email newsletter. Do check the minimum purchase required for the discount as this varies from 1 bottle up to a box.

Their fish department is great and very fresh! Tip: buy a whole piece of salmon or tuna and cut it at home in portions to put in the freezer. And don't forget their frozen tiger shrimps, a must have in your freezer! Great quality and you'll always have tasty fish at home.

For the meat you have to know what to buy, as their selection is quite large and can be confusing. The "lomo" from Uruguay is super tasty on the BBQ. The other brand we recommend is "Mirator diafragma". We also love their extensive selection charcuterie from the brand "Deli".

Their dairy section is the most extensive we've seen here, with all brands present and even specialties like soy, almond and ricemilk etc.

We also love their wide selection of specialty and ethnic foods, like organic, gluten-free, Asian, Italian, Spanish, Caucasian and Mexican products!

They recently had a major improvement in the vegetable department, where you can now find many special veggies like kale, mini broccoli and the lovely, sweet, Baku tomatoes.

And don't forget to take advantage of the fact that they supply major restaurants by buying their tasty imported French&Italian frozen deserts, like chocolate fondant!

And you can even buy some useful non-food items here like kitchenware, office supplies, kids toys and their seasonal specials (outdoor&Christmas).

Because of the wholesale setup and large volumes the prices are attractive, so going here once a month pays off! There are a few locations in Moscow, but unfortunately you can't order online.....

Register for a card: for easy registration, you only need to fill in name, email, phone. Note; cards will be valid from Aug 30:

Our favourites:

- Landliebe - natural high quality drinkable yoghurt (natural & flavoured)

- huttenkase - "tvorog"

- cooked sausage (for sandwich) less garlic

- chilli bean paste

- hoi sin sauce

- crispy fried onion

- pearl couscous "pasta"

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