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Michelin Guide in Moscow - 69 Restaurants

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

On the 14th of October Michelin presented its guide for Moscow for the first time. Russia became the 33rd country where the famous "red guide" is published, and Moscow - the first city in CIS where restaurants got stars and other awards by Michelin.

The first Michelin restaurant guide was published in 1900. Its inspectors travel incognito and write confidential detailed reviews of each restaurant they visit. Moscow restaurant scene had been inspected for five years.

As a result, sixty nine Moscow restaurants were included into the guide: nine of them were honored starts, while others received awards for sustainability, price and quality balance, etc.

"Young chef" award went to Nikita Poderyagin, a chef of Bjorn - modern Northern cuisine restaurant on Pyatnitskaya street.

"Best service" award was won by Twins Garden. All together this place on Strastrnoy boulevard leads by the number of Michelin awards. Earlier this month it was included into another reputed guide - The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Forty five Moscow culinary hotspots included into the list of Michelin recommendations happened to be very diverse: some places got the award for an impressive launch, others - for their long history with consistent quality.

15 Kitchen + Bar - a trendy place hosts art parties near Ostozhenka

«Аист» (Aist) - one of the oldest restaurants in Patriarshy ponds area

AQ Kitchen - a place created and co-owned by a reputed chef Adrián Quetglas

Alice - elegant dishes with unusual taste collocations near Patriarshy

Assunta Madre - high-key place offering wild fish on elegant Povarskaya street

Bolshoi - a classy restaurant a couple hundreds meters away from the famous theater

Buro TSUM - international food on the roof of TSUM shopping mall. Delicious sauces

«Кафе Пушкинъ» (Cafe Pushkin) - nobles' cuisine of the 19th century

ЦДЛ (TsDL - Central House of Writers) - Moscow writers' favorite place since 1960ss

Grace Bistro - a graceful bistro which transforms into an elegant restaurant by night

«Dr. Живаго» (Dr Jivago) - opened in 2014 during the revival of Russian cuisine

Hedonist - Georgian food in an elegant key not far from Chirsty Prudy

«Л.Е.С.» (LES) - forest plants and vegetables in surprising forms and combinations

Hands - a bistro with tasty breakfasts close to Novodevichy convent

Margarita Bistro - a European food bistro with a view of Patriarshy pond

Møs - Scandinavian dishes in Khamovniki district

La Marée - a restaurant by the largest supplier of fish and seafood in Russia

Mushrooms - a roof-top restaurant which "will tell you everything about mushrooms"

«Натахтари» (Natakhtaree) - democratic Georgian eateries in Sretenka & Maroseyka

«Северяне» (Severyane) - northern cuisine in black themed interior in B. Nikitskaya

Ovo - exquisite Italian food on the second floor of Lotte Hotel

Parisenne - French food in romantic interior of an old mansion on Leningradsky avenue

Peshi - a fish restaurant in 4 Seasons Hotel

Pinch - international cuisine by Italian chef in an open kitchen restaurant on Patriarshy

Pavilion located right on the bank of Patriarshy pond offers fresh water fish

Semifreddo - a high key Italian place working since 2003 near Park Kultury

«Техникум» (Tehnikum) - a democratic bistro by White Rabbit Family holding

«Ухват» (Uhvat) - food here is cooked in a traditional Russian stove

«Волна» (Volna) - seafood on Tverskoy Boulevard, next to Pushkin Cafe

Wine & Crab - eight kinds of crabs in the most expensive Moscow street

Wine Religion - a gastrobar with over 400 wines in the South-West of Moscow

Regent - a high key meat restaurant with simple interior near Arbat

«Дарбази» (Darbazi) - Georgian food in a homey atmosphere in Taganka area

«Чемодан» (Chemodan) - a Siberian cuisine restaurant owned by a famous actor

Butler - a heavenly beautiful Italian restaurant not far from Mayakovskaya

Avocado Queen - all possible ways to eat avocado

«Эларджи» (Elardji) - Georgian cuisine in a cozy nook hidden in Arbat side streets

Cristal Room Baccarat - a pompous place with a French chef on Nikolskaya

Corner - street food between Belorusskaya and Mayakovskaya

«Экспедиция» - northern/Siberian food including fish from Yakutia republic

Riesling Boyz - a new bar on Sretenka street, with specialization on Riesling

Fifteen more eateries have been highlighted in BIB Gourmand category - they offer great quality for less than 2000 RUB.

Björn (their second award), «Севичерия» (Cevicheria), Delicatessen, Eva, «Erwin.РекаМореОкеан», Flør, «Жеральдин» (Geraldin), Hibiki, «Казбек» (Kazbek), Lucky Izakaya Bar, «Рыбторг» (Rybtorg), Tilda, «Уголек» (Ugolyok), Vani, Uilliam’s.

A new award of 2022 - Michelin Green Star - was granted to:

Twins Garden


Björn (their third award)

This award is given to the most sustainable restaurants for using mostly local seasonal ingredients.

And finally - coveted MICHELIN STARS!

A list of one-starred restaurants includes:

White Rabbit. "Chef Vladimir Mukhin’s cooking is as impressive as the wonderful view offered by the panoramic glass roof. This young chef makes you enjoy a cuisine as modern as personal, that knows how to enhance local products. An experience between discovery and nostalgy".

Selfie (belongs to the same holding as White Rabbit) "Chef Anatoly Kazakov is a fine chef at the forefront of modern gastronomy. This restaurant proposes creative dishes, where the main stars are the ingredients, uplifted to their best by the chef’s techniques".

Beluga (by Alexander Rappoport) "Located at the National Hotel, near the Red Square, Beluga offers one of the finest selections of caviar and vodka in the whole of Russia. While experiencing the authentic soul of this historical place, gourmets can discover and enjoy the elegant and delicate cuisine of chef Evgeny Vikentiev".

Grand Cru "“Bienvenue” to this establishment, with a cozy atmosphere, proposing first class modernized classic French cuisine and one of the best wine lists in Moscow. The Alsatian chef David Hemmerle brings an enjoyable piece of French finesse to Moscow".

Biologie "Chef Ekaterina Alehina offers her guests a journey through a personal cuisine, with a strong accent on sustainability, focusing on organic products. You can also find the chef’s artistic personality in the restaurant itself, which is decorated with her own paintings and furniture she made herself".

«Сахалин» - Sakhalin (WRF holding) "Located on the 22nd floor of an imposing building, Alexey Kogay’s cuisine has a pleasant selection of first-class seafood from Russia, including products caught off the namesake island. This elegant and trendy restaurant offers also an impressive view of the city".

Savva "Chef Andrei Shmakov knows how to mix classical techniques and modernism to offer a subtle Russian cuisine. The elegance of the restaurant and the high-quality service makes it a not-to-be missed spot for Muscovite gourmets".

TWO STARS were won by:

Twins Brothers (the most awarded restaurant of this ceremony): "Twin brothers Ivan & Sergey Berezutsky propose a completely different offer from the regular one in Moscow. Here, the chefs highlight the symbiosis of science and nature, and emphasize vegetarian and sustainable food, while enhancing various local products from Russia".

Artest "Offering foodies a visual and immersive experience, thanks to the very special design of the small restaurant, Artem Estafiev’s Chef’s table, focuses on fermentation, contrasting flavors and extremely variable textures. Certainly one of the most modern cuisines in Moscow".

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