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Military music festival- spectacular views

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

From August 23rd until September 1st you can watch the "International Music Festival -Spasskaya Tower" at the red square. It is basically a music festival were the military's of befriended countries of Russia will give a musical performance. The quality and the style vary from country to country, but it's a prestigious stage for everyone to perform their show. Admittedly it can be a bit long and can sometimes be hilarious, but the main reason you should buy tickets is for the spectacular views of the red square. The Kremlin, Basil's church and the square are transformed into a spectacular light show throughout the concert and the fireworks at the end is unbeatable because of the setting & grandiosity. You can already buy tickets, so check out their website.

Location: Red Square

Photo credits: Bianca Gommers

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