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Monino Airforce Museum visit

Updated: May 31, 2021

June, 6th

10 am - 3 pm

A guided visit to the Central Airforce Museum in Monino, 32 km from Moscow. This museum is extremely popular among aviation enthusiasts. Among its 150 planes and helicopters it has a replica of Ilya Muromets - a fully wooden bomber with four engines (1910ss). The first all-metal Russian aircraft ANT-2 opened a new era in aircraft design, and ANT-25 strengthen the fame of its designer Andrey Tupolev by performing several record-breaking long-range flights. Among them - a 60 hour non-stop flight from Moscow to Portland, Oregon in the United States. Soviet Union had its own supersonic passenger aircraft - Tu-144, which went for its first flight two months earlier than Concord. Another design bureau - Sukhoi - is represented, among others, by an all-titanium reconnaissance jet-bomber the Sukhoi T-4.

The tour is guided by a Russian aviation historian, in English. The whole trip lasts about 5 hours including the way from Moscow and back. Cost is 4000 RUB per person. Sign up:

The tour takes about 5 hours including the round trip from Moscow.

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