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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Life became so much nicer when we discovered Moscow Fresh. Not only is it super convenient to order online on their very user friendly site, but also they deliver within 2 hours (although lately they've been an hour late pretty regularly....)! And best of all is that the quality of their vegetables is unbeatable. They find their products on different local markets which assures the high quality. Their Uzbeki tomatoes are the best tomatoes we ever tasted and is worth the money. Also their poultry is of very high quality and we love their bread. The minced meat and lamb is really good, but for a pure steak we prefer Azbuka Vkuza. And don't forget to try their special sweets, icecream and tea slection. The price range is in the upper end, but comparable to Azbuka Vkuza and definetely worth a weekly order of your fresh products.

And don't forget to use your credit "ballov" that you get with each order. The way it works is a bit odd, but make sure you place an order for the amount of "ballov" you have minus the delivery costs. At the checkout there will be an extra payment option which says "pay with my credit". Select this and your order will be free of charge. Even if your order is always bigger than your credit, it's worth placing 2 separate orders, as your credit will expire if you don't use it.

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