Moscow in 2 days - where to go?

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

If you or your visitors have only 2 days to spend in this cosmopolitan city where should you go? If you've lived here for a while you will probably have your own personal favourites, but if you need a little help, here's what we should do. Our order depends on the weather, because the Red Square and the view from Zaryadye's bridge is just so much nicer with a clear blue sky, so take that in to account in your planning ;)


Red Square & Kremlin - +/-1,5 hours

The Red Square is a great start for your tour. If you want to enter the Kremlin, buy tickets online in advance to save some time. Admire the St Basil Cathedral and make a quick stop at the beautiful department store GUM.

Red Square is spectacular at night too!

Zaryade park & Varvarka street - 1,5 hours

After you visited red square walk past St Basil's Cathedral to the new Zaryadye park, visit the colorful churches on Varvarka street and enjoy the best view on the city from the "floating bridge". If you have time, take the "flight over Moscow" in the media center: a beautiful 15 minute virtual tour over Moscow. Check times&tickets:

Bolshoi Theatre & Tealtranya - 1 hour

From Zaryadye park you can walk back trough pretty Nikolskaya Ulitsa to Revolution square, to see the impressive Bolshoi Theatre. Discover the nicely decorated pedestrian streets in the Tealtralnya neigbourhood and have lunch Buro Tsum:

or at Cutfish:

If we're with the kids we always bring our scooters with us, so they can enjoy the city walk much more! And take into account a few more bakery and playground stops, for example at hermitage garden near Tealtranya:


Moscow Bike Tours - 3,5 hours

The favourite activity of our guests is Moscow's bike tour! It's a very nice, active, interesting and safe way to see more of Moscow than you'd do in any other way. You can do it private or standard and discuss what you'd like to see. We suggest Gorky park, Christ the Saviour church, Novodevichy, Luzhniki and Chistye Prudi. But you can ask for anything.

If the biking season is not open yet or if you really cannot bike a nice alternative is the Radisson boat tour (check website for times and pickup locations). Although it's much more passive and limited in sights compared to the bike tour, taking the short "express tour" or combining the tour with a lunch is not a bad idea. But if you have no excuse, just try the Bike tour, we promise you'll love it!

Patriarchy Pond - 2 hours

Stroll around the pond before you hit Patriarchy's vibrant evening scene. This area has streets full of the nicest restaurants, terraces and bars. Here you'll find the best local atmosphere in Moscow. Also perfect for a daytime stroll i.c.w. lunch at one of the nice bakeries.

Of course you have to make choices when you only have 2 days to visit this big city, so if you're super efficient or if you have a little bit more time also visit Chistye Prudy, the cute French neighborhood which is getting more and more popular.

And if the weather is not great it's a perfect opportunity to see some of Moscow Metro's beautiful stations. Our favourites: Mayakovskaya, Tealtranya, Komsomolskaya and Kievskaya.


- Gorynych (near Tealtranya) -

- Lucky Izakaya (near Patriarchy) -

- 15&Kitchen (near Christ the Saviour) -

- Restaurants with a view -

- Russian restaurants -

- Best terraces -


- Leveldva -

- Bix bar (jazz) -

- Duran bar/club -


If you have time to visit a museum, we suggest the following and take an audio tour or hire a private guide

- Tretyakov Gallery for art lovers:

- Gulag Museum for history lovers:

- Garage gallery for contemporary art:


Photo credits: Bianca Gommers, private collection and Tripadvisor

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