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Moscow Food Markets

Why going to a market if everything can be ordered online and delivered in the wink of an eye?

There are at least seven things you cannot find in a usual supermarket:

1. Tomatoes! Supermarket tomatoes often taste like paper. Luckily from may to August you can find real, tasteful ones at city's the markets. Same can be told about any seasonal fruits and berries.

2. Cottage cheese (Tvorog). Healthy breakfast and a main ingredient for sweet dishes like Syrniki.

3. Pickles. Cabbage of all sorts, tomatoes, garlic, garlic stems, mushrooms, cucumbers and even apples. You can try everything before buying!

4. Caucasian cheeses. Brittle salty Brynza, chewy Sulguni and soft Adygeysky.

5. Lavash. Caucasian or Georgian lavash is a porous flat bread, Armenian lavash is completely flat like a sheet of paper (good for wrapping things in it).

6. Churchkhela - a natural sweet made of thickened grape juice and nuts

7. Honey and honey mixed with nuts and berries


Most people come here for Kolkhozny Rynok (farmers' market) part - a big roofed space with trading rows in it. Fruit, vegetables, fresh meat and fish, pickles, dried fruit and nuts, dairy products. Pale green Bakinsky cucumbers are very tasty! There are no price labels, and the sellers will charge you depending on how much they think you are willing to pay. Going there unprepared to bargain and talk number in Russian is recommended only if the price is no object at all.

If you are coming there on foot from metro (the nearest station is Kievskaya) you will get to the market through its back door. Here you will find rows of little shops where restaurants buy their supplies in bulk. Here you can find olive oil in 5 litre cans, gargantuan sacks of rice or colossal bottles of sun-dried tomatoes. There is a shop of baking supplies and a stall of dozens of kinds of chocolate bars. Many things you will hardly find anywhere else! Most stalls have price labels.

Address: Mozhaisky Val, 10 Metro: Kievskaya


Here price labels are less rare than at Dorogomilovsky and the sellers are not annoying and persistent.

The place is very close to Tulskaya metro, but you will have to cross two streets - the first by an underground passage and the other one - at the traffic light. The market can also be reached by a tram number 39 from Chisty Prudy or Novokuznetskaya or by the 26 from Universitet.

(More about onground transport in Moscow here).

Danilovsky is more about trying some tasty bits here and there rather than stocking up like at Dorogomilovsky. There is a dozen eateries which cook and sell Caucasus food (of Armenia, Georgia or Dagestan), Thai, Morrocan specialties as well ice cream, pastry and drinks. In summer you can sit at the terrace outside with your food, in the cold season it may take some time to find a place to sit inside.

Address: Mytnaya st., 74

Metro: Tulskaya

Central (Центральный)

The concept is the same as Danilosvky market, but the execution and location are better! Close to Tsvetnoy Bulvar this is super convenient for those who live in the center or come here for work. The market itself is in the underground floor, while two other floors are given to a food court.

Address: Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 1 Metro: Trubnaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevrad


Usachyovsky is smaller than the usual food market, but that makes the atmosphere even better. It stands out in terms of food & dining options. Fresh meat, cheese, fruit&veggies, fresh Georgian Lavash bread, Spanish hams freshly sliced and shop-in-shops with specialty products like Asian, vegan, wines and more.

Their dining selection has many of our favorite places in one: Pinzeria bon Tempi (best pizza in town), Sirovarnya, a Vietnamese Pho stand.

Address: Usachyova st., 26

Mertro: Sportivnaya

From March to November Weekend Markets (ярмарка выходного дня) open throughout the city. There are several of them in the center of Moscow. Find one close to you here.

If you don't feel like going anywhere, but crave some tasty food, try these online shops

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