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Updated: Dec 26, 2021

We have always appreciated the online shopping in Moscow for its convenience. During the lockdown we were once again positively surprised by the broad selection, quality and impeccable service of many online stores which we have used during the last month.

Flower online shop "Dostavka tsvetov"

Fresh flowers at home is a great source of positive emotions which we all need now.

This shop offers attractive bouquets designs, freshness and selection of flowers, nice packaging and clear communication. This flower shop has very reasonable prices and as a regular customer we even got a 10% discount already from the second order. Besides, we could complete our orders with balloons and greeting cards with printed personal messages.


Meat and poultry online shop "Prime meat"

We have tried their beef and lamb, minced meet, farm chicken and turkey, freshly made sausages and farm eggs. Along with nice quality and big selection, this online store has next day delivery time and no minimal price for an order.

Milk products and ice cream "Omoloko" delivered to your home

In this online store we could find natural and very fresh dairy products such as milk, smetana (Russian sour cream), tvorog (Russian cottage cheese) and yogurt. And ice cream, of course, which not only tastes good but it is even delivered with style: we got our deliveries by a car with a huge ice cream on top. It is next day delivery, no delivery fee on orders from 1000 rub. Very reasonable prices.

Super quick grocery and necessities delivery "Samokat"

We have already written about Lavka by Yandex . Samokat is another fast delivery option for groceries by scooter or bicycle within 30 minutes and no service fee. The minimum order is only 200 rub! And we even received our orders in 15-25 minutes. Samokat has become our new life savior when we urgently need one or another critical ingredient for cooking.

Download Delivery Club App and look for Самокат delivery.

Nuts and dried fruit shop "Nutsbox" delivery

Nutsbox is a great option if you are looking for healthier snacks at home or to send a small gift to a friend of yours. The quality is good and packaging is very nice too. They sell teas and honey as well.

Enjoy! And to make shopping in Moscow easier for you, start a proper individual course of Russian today:

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Photo credits: Moscowliving and Online shops websites

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