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Museum of Cosmonautics

Updated: Mar 9, 2021


The Soviet side of a space race - the first satellite, the first animal in space, the first human up there and the first space walk.

All exhibits are marked in Russian and English and there is an audio guide available in both languages. Through some original and recreated pieces of space exhibits it is easy to follow the history of space exploration. The museum also shows some perspectives on international exploration of space and cooperation between countries.

There is a possibility to order a guided tour through the museum in advance. Write to Maria In case of nice weather, combine your museum visit with VDNKh park which is perfect for scooters.

The Museum of Cosmonautics caters to all ages, so it is a great place for a family visit. Kids would probably be excited to enter a space station, see real meteorites as well as the stuffed dogs Belka and Strelka who were sent to space.

Location: Procpect Mira 111 (there is a parking close by)

Metro: VDNKh


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