Newcomers - top 5 tips

Have you just moved to this amazing city? There is a lot to find out but we were there too! Take a few minutes to check out the 5 tips that we found most valuable to get started!

1- Google Chrome

Russian is not the easiest of languages. So we have installed Google Chrome as our preferred browser and turned on 'instant translation'. Ideal if you are f.e. ordering online. And, of course, download the Google translation app. It also has a camera function with instant translation!

2- @nline shopping

Did you know that Russia is a frontrunner in online delivery? Some items can be delivered to your house in less than 2 hours! Perfect to avoid Moscow traffic. Check out our favourite shops for online shopping.

3- 'Best before' dates for perishables

Unlike in many other countries, the date printed on a product is usually not the 'best before' date (годен до) but the date the product was manufactured (дата изготовления / изгот.).

4- Metro and taxi app's

The Moscow metro is not only very pretty but also very efficient. Best to buy a "trojka card" and download the Yandex Metro app. Also the Yandex and Gett taxi app's are very customer friendly!

Read our full blog if you would like to learn more.

5- Where to buy good quality meat?

You can buy (almost) everything in Moscow but our search for good quality meat took us a bit longer than expected. In supermarkets you can look for the brand 'Miratorg' (мираторг) which has pretty good meats. For the best steaks and sausages we think you should go to Voronozh. Worth the detour!

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