Novodevichy Cemetery Tour

May, 16th, 11 am Duration: 1.5 hours PM or write to to register

Participation: 1300 RUB

Novodevichy is the most tourist visited cemetery in Moscow, a real “museum of people” - the most remarkable people of the 20th century. Today only a few spots for new burials have left and any new one must be approved on a high level.

During the tour we will see the gravestones of:

ballet dancers, singers and actors; famous writers - Gogol, Bulgakov and Mayakovksy; polar explorers - heroes of the 1930ss; aircraft engineers, pilots and first cosmonauts; 20th century politicians - including Boris Eltzin and Nikita Khrustchev; passengers of the largest 1930ss airplane; one very special radio presenter.

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