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Open air pools at Rechnoy Vokzal

A long-awaited, heavily-advertised open-air pool has finally opened at the River Port (Rechnoy Vokzal) this season. It is even not one, but three pools including a shallow (0.75 meters) one for children who cannot swim. The pools are surrounded by sunbeds and face the water surface of the Moscow Canal.

As Moscow has few open air pools while Muscovites do love sunbathing, one could assume a great demand for this new spot of leisure. And indeed, if you come at 10 am when the place gets open, you will hardly get a ticket. On sunny weekends it is recommended to come 2-3 hours before opening! The whole day price for a sunbed is 2500 RUB, 1500 RUB for a half of day. Children under 7 go for free, and those under 12 gets a 50% discount. There is a way to reserve a place for yourself in advance, but it will be not a standard sunbed, but a soft "bed" (кровать). Prices start from 6000 RUB per person (but 5000 of is a (non-refundable) deposit you can spend on food and drinks). Beds can be booked by one of the phones indicated in their Instagram - look for rechnoy.svr.

Along with the pools, the River Port has a lot of other things to offer - playgrounds, free sunbeds, cafes and, of course, the gorgeous building of the Port itself which is a vivid example of 1930ss architecture. The pools are in the far left corner of the Port (if you are facing the water).

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