Orzo salad - lunch or side dish

Orzo is perfect to use in a salad as the texture&taste is very subtle. Add lot's of red pepper, pine nuts, pecorino cheese and herbs and you'll have the perfect lunch dish or side dish with a grilled piece of meat.

Preparation time +/- 20 minutes

Serves 5 people


500 gr Orzo (Eataly see picture below)

1 red pepper

1 orange pepper

1 yellow pepper

5 spring onions

200 gr pancetta/prosciutto crudo

100 gram grated pecorino cheese (Meat-Cheese-Wine shop: "Patriarchy delicacy stores")

handful basil

handful sage (thinly sliced)

dried chili flakes

Boil the Orzo according to the instruction on the package. Use enough water so they don't get sticky. When boiled "al dente" drain well with cold water and set aside on your large serving plate to cool of. Stir once in a while so they don't stick.

Cut the pancetta in small pieces and add to a large frying pan where you fry them on medium heat with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and the sage. Fry until crispy and add some olive oil and mix it to create some extra sage dressing.

Cut the peppers and spring onion in very small pieces. Grate your pecorino cheese small and tear the basil leaves in small pieces.

When the orzo is cooled add the pancetta, sage&olive oil mix and stir well. Then add the peppers, spring onion, basil and pecorino. Spice it all up with sea salt, pepper and dried chili flakes and mix it well. Serve with good olive oil on the side, so people can add some if they like.


Tip! You can also use mozzarella in stead of pecorino

Orzo (Eataly)

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