Parking app - pay&go

Updated: May 11

If you drive a car in Moscow the first thing we advice you is to install the parking app on your phone. Don't use the alternative SMS payment system where you have to send a code via SMS, as this is very unreliable.

Just search "parking moscow" and you will see the green/white "Parkovki" app. First thing you do is go to settings and change the language. Then go to "payment" in the menu to add your car details in "my cars" and your credit card details in "my cards". Decide an amount you want to top up and this will be your credit for your future parking.

When you park your car it will locate the right zone and just say how long you expect to be there and the time will start ticking. You can set alarms and all kinds of handy features to make sure you pay the right amount.

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