Three delicacy stores around Patriarchy Pond

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

M2 Organic Shop

M2 Organic Club is a restaurant and an organic shop on Spidironovka. They produce all their groceries on their own farm outside of Moscow. You can buy meat, dairy products, eggs and vegetables. The quality is really great and everything is certified organic. The prices are a bit higher than usual, but it is totally worth it. You can also easily order from their online shop and receive the delivery within 1-2 days.

Their farm is also a place you can stay in a cottage for a couple of days.

Address: Spiridonovka 34


This juice bar&shop offers vegetables, fruits, nuts and fresh smoothies. Here you can find greens from very wide range of countries, including, perhaps, your homeland.

Addreess: Bolshoi Palashovsky lane 1

Gorod Sad

This little grocery & catering store offers a small but nice selection of natural food. Also some gluten free and organic specialties you cannot easily find in other places. They also have a good selection of take-out food for lunch or dinner and deliver at home.

Address: Bolshoy Patriarchy lane 12

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