Delicacy stores - Patriarchy Pond

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Sometimes you're specifically looking for a restaurant with a view. If you want to show your guests or visitors the magnitude and beauty of Moscow, taking them to a sky restaurant is a great idea. Do realize that these are often not the best and cheapest restaurants in town and they can be quite arrogant when reserving a table but sometimes the view is just worth it!

1- Meat Cheese Wine

This is one of the best butchers in town with a nice selection of fresh meats, cold cuts, cheeses and delicacies. Try the heavenly steak picanha and merguez sausage! It's very fairly priced and well set up.

Location: Malaya Bronnaya 21/13

2- GreenGo

This juice bar&shop offers everything from vegetables, to fruit, to nuts and freshly made smoothies. Not only do they offer high quality greens, but also a wide selection, where you can choose your favorite country of origin.

Location: Bolshoi Palashovsky Pereleok

3- Gorod Sad

This little grocery & catering store offers a small but nice selection of natural food. Also some gluten free and organic specialties you cannot easily find in other places. They also have a good selection of take-out food for lunch or dinner and deliver at home.

Location: Bolshoy Patriarchy Pereleok 12

Photo credits: Facebook pages & Tripadvisor