Physio therapy - where to go?

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

If you have a specific complaint it's always nice to visit a physiotherapist that is recommended by someone. Here we will list a few:

If you have any recommendations, please email us on and tell us why!

Bashkirtsev Grigory Cergeevich (GMS) - manual therapist & neurologist

This doctor has a very holistic approach and doesn't just focus on the painful area, but more on the source. Although it might seem a bit odd sometimes, he obviously knows how your body is connected and knows how to press & treat the right parts in order to release your complaints. He also gives good exercises for you to do at home to make weak parts stronger and relief pain. And he speaks English!


Dr. Lubina (EMC) - back & neck

For neck & back complaints we can recommend this therapist at European Medical Center, Spiridonievsky clinic. Her treatment is based on a combination of electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasound, vacuum therapy and sports massage to relieve deep tissue pain. She focuses a lot on the painful area and not so much on the source. For temporary relief this is helpful. She doesn't speak English but her assistant can translate.

+7(495) 933 66 55

Dr. Shirilova (UMC) - sports massage

If your complaint is sports related, this doctor is highly skilled in sports massages. Also she is a fanatic sports lover herself, so she will do anything to get you back in your normal routines as quickly as possible.

+7(925) 393 32 46

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