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I play badminton, and Moskva club is so far the best I tried. Even though its location is kind of interesting...

In Squash Club Moskva you can rent a court for squash or badminton or book a training with an instructor. Their nine squash courts and six courts for badminton are airy, well-lighten, and with the right type of flooring material. You can reserve your time slot on their website (it has to be paid in advance: the cost is 1200-2000 RUB per court per hour for squash, and 1100-1400 RUB for badminton), or by WhatsApp.

They have English-speaking squash coach, and one of their badminton coaches speaks English and German (he will be back to Moscow in the end of June).

Changing rooms are on the second and third floors. They have showers; a clean towel is given to you along with a changing room locker's key. To not to carry the uniform and shoes with you every time, you can rent a locker and leave it there until your next visit. Its is possible to order clothes washing if needed - they will put it back into your locker.

Now - regarding the location. While walking there, it is hard to believe there is a modern and friendly squash club inside the grey buildings on the former plant's grounds. Decades ago there was a plant producing ball-bearings. Hence the name of the street - Sharikopodshipnikovskaya which means "ball-bearing". However, Yandex.Maps shows the club's location and its entrance precisely and helps to find the way from Dubrovka or Volgogradsky Prospect metro. You can also drive to the territory of the plant (parking costs 150 RUB) from Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street.

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