Rehearsal of spring - tulips festival in the Botanical Garden

Updated: Feb 16

Being deprived of seeing greenery can be harming to human's well-being. The first green leaves will appear no sooner than 2-3 months and if you cannot wait for so long - welcome to the Rehearsal of Spring festival in the Botanical Garden on Prospect Mira. Every year in early March, in the days when it seems like the real spring will never come, hundreds of blooming tulips and other spring flowers are exposed in one of the garden's greenhouses.

This year the festival will take place from February 20th to the 14th of March, daily, from 10.00 to 20.00. Tickets can be bought online or on spot, 300 RUB.

Apart from the tulips, you can visit the palms and orchids greenhouse (with the same ticket). It is open all year round. And of course, walk around the garden itself.

This garden on Prospect Mira is also known as Aptekarsky Ogorod - or Pharmacy Garden - under this name it was founded 350 years ago. All in all, Moscow has three botanical gardens. Two of them (including this one) are quite compact and they belong to Moscow State University. The big one near Botanichesky Sad metro station is property to the Academy of Sciences.

To get into Aptekarskiy Ogorod you should go through the green color building on Prospect Mira 26. The ticket office is in there, too.

Address: Prospect Mira 26 bld. 1 Metro: Prospect Mira (Ring line).

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