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Rent a bike and go cycling - 6 bike paths

Updated: Aug 23, 2021


Top 6 bike paths of Moscow where you can rent a bike

1. Meschyorsky (Meschersky)

Location: West, out of town

Distance: 10+ km

You may like the most: fresh air, smooth gravel paths running between pines and fir trees; a cafe with good selection of tea and snacks

You may like less: I cannot think of anything you won't like... Maybe only the fact, that it is easy to lose your way in some parts of the park - especially in further ends. But it is not too big, so you cannot make a fatal mistake!

Rentals: there are two parking lots** in Novomeschyorsky proezd (Новомещерский проезд). The first one (when driving from Moscow) is to be paid for and the further one (on the right) is free. Both have bike rentals by their sides. You can get to Meschersky by metro (Govorovo station) as well, but when you will enter it quite far from the rentals.

** Now, in August 2021, both parking lots are being repaved and closed for visitors' access

2. From Luzhniki to Moscow City

Location: Central

Distance: 8 km one direction

You may like the most: sightseeing, especially at night with all the lights on: you will pass Novodevichy Convent, Government House, Ukraine Hotel and get close to Moscow City. There is always enough room for everyone and the atmosphere is quite alive in the warm summer dusk.

You may like less: a path in Luzhniki can be a bit busy and after Luzhniki you the bike path is next to the road with cars. But on its other side is the river!

Rental: if you arrive by metro, come out at Sparrow Hills (Воробьёвы горы). Go through the building which looks like bags control (it is actually - on the days of big competitions in Luzhniki) and turn left to the embankment and then left again. The rental is behind the metro bridge.

3. Fili

Location: West

Distance: The embankment is 3.5 km one way

You may like the most: river views, relaxing atmosphere: no cars or engine boats around; easy to reach by metro (Bagrationovskaya)

You may like less: it is not a very long route, however you can continue cycling along the river and get to Krylatskoye and ride along its Rowing Canal

Rentals: (Филёвский парк)

4. Elk Island (Лосиный остров)

Location: North-East

Distance: 20 km +

You may like the most: practically untouched wild forest on both sides of the bike path; long straight paths with few people on them let you bike on high speed.

You may like less: Long straight paths may seem a bit boring for some people; some trails are covered with bulk gravel not very convenient to cycle on. For some it may be critical that there is no infrastructure - toilets or cafes. It is forest, not a city park!

Rental: The rental is in a small building on the edge of the forest, where Prokhodchikov street makes its turn.

5. Park "850 years of Moscow" + Kuzminki

Location: South-East, Maryino metro

Distance: the embankment next to Maryino metro station is 5 km long, and if continue cycling along Marinsky Park street (3 more km) you will reach Kuzminki park with its ponds, the old estate remains and the pine forest.

You may like the most: river views, smooth long bike path with no chance to get lost; a possibility to continue your day in Kuzminki park.

You may like less: almost no shade, so it is not for a hot day; an apocalyptic view on the petrol plant at the end of the park


6. Gorky park embankments

Location: central

Distance: 7.5 km one way

There are four parks stretched along the Moscow river - Muzeon, Gorky, Neskuchny Sad and Sparrow Hills. All of them are connected by a pedestrian embankment.

You may like the most: art and design in Muzeon park, alive atmosphere of Gorky park, tranquility and shade on the Sparrow Hills embankment.

You may like less: not all bikes in the rental are in perfect condition. Mine had an absolutely dry chain and was funnily creaking all the way. Some parts are of the embankment have heavy bikes and scooters traffic.

Rental: The rental works only from June to the end of August.

NB: In every rental be prepared to leave your ID or money (about 10 000 rub) as a deposit.

To feel more confident speaking in the rentals start a Russian course

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