Ribambelle - kids club&restaurant

Updated: Mar 9


This is the perfect place to keep your kids entertained while you are enjoying a nice lunch or dinner. Different than the regular indoor playgrounds, this place is setup like one large space where the restaurant area is attaching the playground, so it's nicely integrated and you can still interact with your kids while they are enjoying their play and you are enjoying your food. Also the food is definitely of a higher quality compared to most kid restaurants and both kids&adults can enjoy a tasty&healthy meal here. It has two locations one near the Botanical Garden in Prospect Mira and one at Kutuzovsky Prospect in Vremena Goda Mall. The only downside is that it's quite expensive as you don't only pay high prices for the food, but also an hourly price per kid who's playing. They also offer cooking master classes and other fun stuff which is nice for birthday parties.


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