Russian Lab - learn to speak Russian

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

RussianLab is a premium-quality Russian language school operating for expatriates and clients from abroad aged 16 y.o. onwards. RussianLab focuses on developing and improving conversation skills, it’s well adapted to both crash-courses of Russian and step-by-step polishing up student’s speaking level. The school is located in the very heart of Moscow, within walking distance from Christ the Savior’s church, Old Arbat and Kremlin.

If you're serious about learning Russian, we recommend you go here for a few days every 3 months. This will give your speaking confidence the boost this tough language needs!

What we like:

* Very flexible hours (you can join daily or periodically, whenever you want)

* Central location

* Affordable

* Small classes

* Great for practicing speaking

Possible downsides:

* Not many groups, so not always your right level

* Quality of the teachers vary

* Changing classmates & accents

Location: near Christ the Savior / Arbat