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Start individual classes of Russian with Maria in the next few days, and that is what, for example, you will be able to say or write in Russian in 2.5 months with 2 meeting a week: “You are here already! We didn't expect you to come so early! We thought you would come only in the evening”. And not just say, but to understand what you was replied as well. And after 5 months you will already find it possible to retell a movie’s plot. For example, “At the beginning Nelson doesn’t understand Sarah and considers her to be crazy. But soon her realizes how unusual she is. Nelson understands that he loves her. They want to be together but it’s too late”. (It is a plot of "Sweet November"). And you will be saying these sentences consciously, being confident about what you are doing. If you used to study Russian and gave up or if you are not feeling good about how it goes, let us give it a right direction together. It is not an offer of “Russian in an easy way” and not selling “do not be shy, just talk” approach. What you will get is the language presented as 100% logical structure, which will remain in your brains even after a long break.

At the class you will speak a lot. Repeating what Maria says, answering the same type of question again and again, pronounce phrases loudly and confidently until they stop felt like strangers.

Write to or +79161889796 to set the time and place for your class.

Maria Soboleva


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