Proper Russian - a Private Course

What you will be able to do:

- express your thoughts in Russian freely instead of communicating with a handful phrases learnt by heart;

- understand structure of any Russian sentence instead of seeing it as a random set of rules;

- think in Russian instead of translating sentences from another language in your head;

- understand what you were asked about.

How we will get there:

- individual classes - face-to-face or online. Any number of classes per week.

- speak only Russian at the class. Translating separate words are fine, but not sentences.

- follow the language internal logic instead of dividing it to "topics" like "my family", "shopping", "cooking", "traveling", etc. Topic based approach DOES NOT work in learning Russian. We will still be talking about all these things at the class, juts in a random order. Themes may be random, but not grammar!

- a lot of speaking, in all its forms: repeating after me, answering my questions, retelling what you have heard or read, expressing your thoughts. Speaking is a physical action, and should be trained like we train our muscles: by practice.

- write short texts about yourself. Every time.

How fast will you progress:

after 2 lessons - Reading Cyrillic

after 5 lessons - Where is Masha? - She is making breakfast, I think. - Present Tense

after 7 lessons - Is there an ATM around here? - Saying "there is" and 'I have"

after 9 lessons - Is it difficult to study Russian? - Not as much as it is believed to be. - Adverbs

11 lessons - An air conditioner in my room is out of work. What about yours? - Location

14 lessons – Do you work today? - No, I did yesterday, and today I am off. - Past Tense

17 lessons – What do you want to do on Saturday night? - To want, to like, days of the week

21 lessons - Do you remember by chance, at what time the lesson starts? - Time and prices

25 lessons – Where are you going? - To the meeting. I am already getting late! - Going somewhere

33 lessons - What beer do you like more, dark or light? - Adjectives

40 lessons – You can retell a movie’s plot. For example: At the beginning Nelson doesn’t understand Sarah and considers her crazy. But soon he realizes how unusual she is. Nelson understands that he loves her. They want to be together but it’s too late.

The standard time for reaching B1 level is 220-230 lessons.

Write to or message to +79161889796 to set time and place for your class.

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