Russian language - private teachers

Updated: May 17, 2018

The Russian language is a complex one in terms of grammar but apart from the fact that it is, obviously, very useful to speak the language of the country you are living in, we also consider it an interesting personal challenge in our lives.

Finding the right teacher for you, of course, is very personal. We both have Russian teachers we are really happy with. They are very professional and therefore highly recommended by us.

Frieda Gudim - Russian Language for Expats

Frieda is a very experienced teacher with a flexible approach. She adapts her methods and materials to your wishes and type of learner. Next to the Russian language, we also like to talk about Russian art and cuisine. Frieda works for several schools and I would also recommend her for children. +7 903 556 27 23

Elena Demurina

Elena is a very experienced teacher who has a very solid approach to learning Russian, by creating a very strong grammatical foundation. So if your goal is to really learn the language grammatically correct, I can strongly advice her. It's not always easy as she pushes you to challenge yourself, but in a very warm&friendly way. +7 916 042 57 80

Yulia Odobasheva Yulia has many years of experience teaching at one of the international Moscow language schools for foreigners. She can do individuals as well as groups and can include excursions in Moscow if this is interesting for you. All lessons are done in Russian only, which is a great advantage. Contact Yulia on +7 (903) 579 77 88 or

Are you happy with your Russian teacher, and is he or she available for more students? Let us know so we can add him or her.