Russian Restaurants - our top 3

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

There are many Russian restaurants in Moscow, but the atmosphere and quality is not always good. So here we have listed places which we usually take visitors who are curious about Russian food and that never disappoint.

Dr Zhivago

We like the restaurant's location facing the Red Square and its bright Soviet/Russian interior. Black caviar is reasonably priced and goes well with blinis (pancakes). Try crab meat, cold cuts of Nelma fish from Baykal lake, dumplings, pirogi (pies) and soups.

Location: close to Red Square


Located on the 85th floor, this restaurant has great views over Moscow. Drinking Vodka and eating caviar while wearing a fur coat in the ice bar is a true experience for you and your visitors. Our recommendations are: cabbage or mushroom soups and biff stroganoff.

Location: Moscow City

White rabbit

It is voted the 23rd best restaurant in the world, and sitting under their glass roof is hard to beat when you want to impress guests! And don't forget to visit

their terrace in summer.

Location: Smolenskaya

Photo credits: restaurant's Facebook pages.

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