Serebryany Bor - picturesque forest

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Serebryany Bor (Silver forest) is Moscow's most picturesque forest and only 20 minutes from downtown. Beautiful tall trees, lakes and mansions provide a great place for a relaxing outdoor experience all year round. In summer they have several beaches, you can go water skiing and enjoy the terrace of Pomestye Park restaurant. Not the best restaurant in town, but the lake side setting is hard to beat! In Autumn you can enjoy Indian Summer walks being surrounded by all colors of orange, red & yellow. In winter we can highly recommend to go cross country skiing around the lake on a nice cold, sunny day or bring your tubes to take the kids sledding on the restaurants huge sledding hill.


You have to park your car right at the entrance and then walk from there. Take into account that the restaurant is a 20 minute walk and can only reached by car if you make a reservation including parking. Taxi's can go trough the entrance and drive up to the restaurant. Or take the trolleybus from Polezhaevskaya or Shchukinskaya Metro Stations. After parking your car we recommend you cross the street to the left from the coffee places and walk straight into the forest behind the bus parking lot. You can also continue on the main road, but besides the gated mansions there is not much to see.

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