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Moving to Moscow - 5 tips

Updated: Jul 23, 2021


Moscow is a fantastic place for a relocation. Most expats call it culturally rich, clean, safe and beautiful. Get prepared to your Moscow chapter of life beforehand. Here are a few tips for a trouble free start of your living in the Russian capital.

1. Learn to read Cyrillic

You can achieve basic reading skills in Cyrillic quicker than most people think - 2-3 lessons will be enough to start reading street signs and recognizing brand names.

2. Get familiar with Moscow public transport system

Moscow has an amazingly extended and fast metro with trains coming every 40-60 seconds. There is a useful app to navigate you through the net of over 200 stations.

Buses can be also very convenient for short rides in the city center.

3. Download a parking app

Parking at the most of central streets of Moscow is for a fee. There are no parking meters - you are expected to pay with your phone: either by sending an SMS, or by using this app which is much more clear and reliable.

4. Start a language course

You can start online and continue face-to-face on arrival. 120 lessons (90 min each) will be needed to achieve a confident level in the most of basic day-to-day conversations.

5. Save some of online shops links

Almost any chain supermarket in Moscow also operates via its online store / delivery app. Your order can be delivered within 30 min!

All sorts of things can be ordered in the "Russian Amazon" - Ozon.

Find more newcomers tips here - on Best Before dates, good meat, and visiting Russian websites.

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