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Sustainability Tips for Moscow

Updated: Dec 26, 2021


Russia has not become a champion of sustainability yet. Quite the opposite - the amount of plastic waste is growing year to year. However, demand for environment-friendly solutions is forming. For now, there are only a few tips in this field I can give, but let's support the emerging movement!

1. Refilling household detergents. Chistaya Planeta sells laundry and dish washing detergent, cleaning formulas for bathroom, floor, stove, different surfaces as well as hand soap and body wash. You can buy any volume from 100 ml as a refill into your own bottle (it is possible to buy a bottle or a dispenser at their stall too). Prices are surprisingly moderate and the quality is high: my stove never was as clean as now. I liked their body wash, too – based on non-ionic surfactants, it does not dry my skin.

These shops are really widespread in Siberia, let’s help them to expand ion Moscow, too!

Chistaya Planets has 15 shops in Moscow, all of them are in the southern part of the city.

2. Resale clothes.

Charity Shop (or Vtoroye Dykhaniye - Second Breath - is its another name) is a fund which accepts used clothes for being either properly recycled, or given to the people in need in smaller Russian towns and villages, or sold in one of their shops.

In Moscow, there are four stores: You can bring clothes directly where - and maybe buy something new for yourself as well! They sell only modern looking things of popular brands (I bought several things by Massimo Dutti and Uniqlo), in perfect condition.

You can also leave your used, but clean clothes in their branded containers in several Moscow malls and other public spaces. Find the nearest one on the map here (pink dots).

3. Dispose batteries in VkusVill. In every VkusVill you can find a transparent container (it usually stands on the table near the door) where you can leave empty batteries for being properly disposed.

4. Sobirator. The only place in Moscow to dispose waste properly, every type of it separately. Their only EcoCenter is located in the South of Moscow – Kavkazsky boulevard, 56, bld 12. (drive in from Delovaya street, green gates). You have to bring waste here by yourself.

You can order their car - "Ecomobil" - to come to your home and pick up your waste at an agreed time. It is a paid service – 1200 RUB for a ride (amount of waste does not affect the price) within the limits of Moscow. The waste should be already sorted to different bags/boxes.

They also take away the household devices (like a refrigerator) you no longer need, but be ready to help the driver putting it into a car.

Sobirator also helps companies to install containers for collecting different sorts of waste.

5. Multi-use shoe covers.

These single use blue plastic shoe covers (бахилы) you are expected to pull on inside every other place are driving any environment-minded person crazy, aren't they? Having a pair of multi-use shoe covers can make one feel better for the environment. You can find them along with multi-use bottles, tumblers, etc. in an online-store of Sobirator:

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