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Tasting bread wine and learning drinking rituals - December, 9th

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

We arranged local wine, cheese and perfume samplings this autumn, now it is time for real stuff - tasting Russian bread wine, or polugar. "Is breadwine just another name for vodka?" you may ask. Yes, it is, but modern mass-market vodka is produced following simplified, fast technology and has no taste. Traditional vodka, or polugar, is made from grain and distilled in copper pots. It boasts richer and more complex taste.

We will try and compare several types of this traditional Russian drink:




Honey & Pepper



Strong alcohol cannot be drunk without a toast being said. "Na zdorovye" does not work, please forget it! Toasts and other drinking rituals will be the subject of our "drinking lecture", too. Also we will discuss philosophy of drinking vodka/polugar and how it is different from other beverages.

Drinking cannot start without "zakuski" on the table - special snacks, some of them salty or spicy, others play a role of neutral taste background. Rye bread and salty fish, boiled potatoes and salty mushrooms make good matches.

December, 9th


5000 RUB

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