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Walking Tour. The Poor and the Rich before the Revolution

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

The group tours happen regularly. Follow Moscowliving on Facebook or Instagram for the updates. If you want to order this particular tour for you and your friends or family, write me to

Very close to Red Square, but hardly ever visited by tourists or mentioned in guidebooks – an area near modern Kitay-Gorod station once was the most criminal place of Moscow. Khitrovka was an area not every policeman dared to visit - a market where, along with berries and mushrooms, stolen properties were systematically stored and sold. At the same time it served a kind of labor exchange, mostly for peasants who rushed to cities after the long-awaited abolition of serfdom. The end of serfdom had lead not exactly to the results society was expecting from it. It provoked illegal socialist parties activity and at the end lead to the tragic assassination of the Tzar. So, Russia of 1861-1917 with all its controversy is going to be in a focus of our attention.

Some other things you will see:

a place where a female killer of over 100 people was imprisoned;

a church where hundreds of cartoons were made in Soviet times;

a place where Tchaikovsky printed his score for the first time.

The tour starts from Kitay-Gorod metro station.

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