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The Victory Museum and Park

Updated: Mar 7, 2021


The second world war - or The Great Patriotic War as the Russians refer to it - plays an enormously serious role in the history of Russia as more than 20 million people from the Soviet Union were killed. The Victory Museum is therefore one of the most important museums for Russians to honor the casualties and the heroic efforts of the Red Army and the people of the Soviet Union.

The main building hosts the permanent exhibition with impressive panorama rooms of the most important battles, such as the siege of Leningrad and the battles of Kursk and Stalingrad. They also have a reconstruction of Berlin and a Hall of Glory. We suggest you to do some reading before the visit or to book a guided tour through the museum.

The Victory Museum is located in a huge park on "Poklonnaya Gora", which means the hill where all visitors from the west bow down / do homage for Moscow before entering the city. The park has several cafes and attractions for kids and is perfect for roller blades and scooters. There is also a large out door exhibition of tanks and gear from the second world war.

Location: Ploshad pobedi 3

Metro: Park pobedi

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Photo credits: Trip advisor.

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